About Us

Munchly is an online ordering solution for healthy school lunches that have been created to save time, money, and stress for busy parents.

But it's more than just that...

it's a school lunch revolution!

Healthy food to nourish curious minds 

We believe a well-nourished child learn better.. good food sustains not only the tummy, but also the brain, helping to improve your child's attention, happiness and behaviour. 

Healthy eating has been linked to higher alertness levels, higher grades, better memory, faster information processing, and improved health - leading to better levels of attendance in school.

Our freshly-made packed lunches are created using only the highest quality, locally-sourced, healthy produce to nourish curious minds and sustain them throughout the day. 

No sugary snacks. No junk food. Simple.


The benefits of eating locally

There are many words to describe the benefits of eating locally grown food, but the two that spring instantly to mind are "Fresh" and "Healthy".

Both of these words describe perfectly what Munchly is aiming to introduce back into children's school lunches.

Why is locally grown food better for you? Well, the main reason is that the food has less distance to travel in order to get from the ground to your plate or lunch box!

Fresher food = higher nutrition and better taste - this is due to the fact that fruits and vegetables start to lose their nutritional value as soon as they are picked.

As soon as produce is separated from the plant or tree that it grew on, vitamins such as C, E, A, and some B vitamins begin to deteriorate. So the less time it takes to get food from the field to your plate, the better the food is for your health and well-being!

Using locally grown food is better for the environment - think about it... the food has less distance to travel, which means a lower carbon footprint and less time on the road. Most people would be horrified to know how far produce travels before it gets to your plate!

A lot of the food that you see in supermarkets has been transported needlessly around the country. Today, produce is picked from fields or trees and transported to distribution centres so that it can be picked, packed, and transported on to supermarkets to be sold. The distribution centres are often located in or around major cities for in order to reduce the cost of handling.

Then, amazingly, some of it is transported back to the region where it started! This is a broken system that adds a lot of unnecessary carbon to the atmosphere, and the round trip means that food isn't anywhere as good as it could be.

Buying locally-grown food supports and helps local growers, is better for the local economy, better for the environment and better for your health.

At Munchly, our goal is to source only the best local produce for our lunches, so that we can help nourish young and curious minds.


Munchly loves...

...nourishing curious minds
...supporting the local community
...helping to educate our future generations
...healthy, good quality, great tasting food